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Why it’s perfectly normal to experience muscle pains after a muscle massage

Massage has been known to induce a substantial amount of pain in the muscles, shortly after the exercise is performed on an individual. This pain is known to last for just a few days, probably two or three. However, most people still don’t understand why they always feel pain in the muscles after undergoing a practice that is just meant to do the opposite. I mean, a massage is meant to relax your muscles, right? Then why do you feel pain in the same muscles, after a deep massage?

Here’s what you should know. Pain after a massage can be a result of two major factors. The first cause of pain is the type of massage that was carried out on you. There are different types of body massages. Some massages are notorious for causing acute muscle pains, whereas others only trigger some mild pains or absolutely no pain. For example, Thai and Shiatsu deep massages are known to cause pain, shortly after they are carried out on an individual. 

This is usually because they involve massive twisting of the muscles and your body might not be accustomed to such kind of forces. These muscle strains tend to result in pain, especially if you haven’t had a massage after a long time. Other massages like Acupuncture, Pregnancy massages and Lomi Lomi, result in very mild pains and you might not even feel a thing. For this reason, they are usually performed on delicate individuals, like the aged and the physically disabled. Basically they are meant for people who can’t handle extreme flexing.

The second factor that causes pain in the muscles after a massage, is the possibility of some mini-tears of the muscles in the process of a massage. A massage is meant to untangle muscle knots and there after increase blood circulation. As the muscles get manipulated by your therapist, their linings get to sort of ??tear’ a little. This tearing is what brings about some soreness in the muscles after a massage. To reduce the intensity of after-massage pains, it is important that you stay hydrated. Drink a lot of water so as to keep your muscles pliant and relaxed.

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