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Sometimes, during Raynor massage, you noticed people who constantly saying that they have a knot in neck or back. It happens when a muscle get tied but not really. let me tell you something about muscle tissue. Muscle fibers run in our whole body from our head to toes. This is a necessary thing for us because muscles are the only reason behind our every activity for example we can twist, bend, run, dance etc.

Our muscle fibers are connected to each other so they start sticking and this hard and pain full feeling called a muscle knot. This is common but this can hurt more and muscles can also lose elasticity and which is hard to reverse. It is bad to hear but there are many things you can do for treatment.

Avoid muscle knots: Drink plenty of water and take healthy diet. Avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks because these drinks can cause dehydrating. Take a little break every hour during office time if you work on computer or sit on chair for long time. Our muscle are designed for challenging life style so exercise can help them to improve their flexibility. If you have a serious muscle knot pain then rest can give you some relieve. You should take a leave from your computer or office work.

Treatment for muscle knots : Massage therapy

Raynor massage therapy is specially designed for muscle knots. Raynor massage therapy is not just prevent muscle knot but also it give you relieve from muscle pain. Massage helps in releasing tension and stress from our body. Tension in our muscles can reduce flow of blood and oxygen. Raynor massage used in all over the world for muscle knots treatment. People are also satisfied. Raynor massage is a deep massage which allow muscles to release stress and tension and give you relax. The results of that massage are amazing because this prevent muscle knots and give you relieve for a long.

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